The Voice Recap. Sea:15 Ep:8

They are still in the battles. Next Monday will be the last battle show!

Team Kelly: Special Guest: Thomas Rhett

Kimberli Joye Vs. One Up (Duo)

Song: Mercy

Their Battle!

Kimberli Joye is amazing! She has a huge range and very good with high belts! She had great diction and she made the song her own.

One Up had great harmonies. They sang one awesomely beautiful high head note.

Together they were amazing. They could honestly tour around the world together. They all had great stage presence.

WINNER: Kimberli Joye

There was no steal!

Team Adam: Special Guest: Cee lo Greendownload (1)

  1. Anothony Ayra Vs. Steve Mommolo

Singing: Amie

Their Battle!

Anthony Ayra has this very pretty rasp in his voice. He needs a little work on stage presence and preforming.

Steve Mommolo has really great control of his voice. Steve is very seasoned and he seemed very natural on stage.

Together they sounded good but Steve still had a little more to offer than Anthony.

WINNER: Steve Mommolo

Anthony was stolen by Jennifer Hudson!


2. Jared Mathew Vs. Tyke James

Singing: She’s Always A Women

Their Battle!

Tyke James has a very unique voice and I do think he has the potential to win.

Jared Mathew has a very weird and interesting voice.

They personally did not think they sounded good together but Adam made the right choice by pairing his two most unique together.

WINNER: Tyke James.

There was no steal!

Team Blake: Special Guest: Keith Urban

  1. Chris Kroeze Vs. Mercedes Ferreira-Dias

Singing: Back In The High Life Again

Their Battle!

Chris Kroeze had this great raspy country tone. His range is okay but his unique voice stands out.

Mercedes Ferreira-Dias has a very theatrical voice. I could see her on Broadway! She uses excellent vibrato.

They did pretty well together but neither one really stood out to me.

WINNER: Chris Kroeze

There was no steal!

2. Katrina Cane Vs. Rachael Messer

Song: Arms Of An Angel

Their Battle!

Katrina Cane is the artist to watch out for. She is a potential winner for sure! She has great range and is amazing at selling the story.

Rachael Messer has such a pretty country twang. She has pretty decent range too.

They sounded okay together on stage but Katrina took almost all the presence of the stage.

WINNER: Katrina Cane

Team Jennifer: Special Guest: Halsey

Mike Parker Vs. Natasia Greycloud

Singing: Gravity

Their Battle!

Mike Parker has a very pretty R&B vibe. He had great diction and very controlled runs.

Natasia Greycloud was great at harmonizing with Mike. She has some incredible range and her head voice is tight. She has really great runs.

They sounded great together but Natasia wanted to win and it was evident. In my opinion she blew Mike out of the water!

WINNER: Mike Parker

Natasia was stolen by Team Kelly!







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