Today’s Music Playlist & Review

I think every great day starts with a great playlist! Sharing my passion for music is really an awesome thing. Make sure ya’ll continue to read my blog. You never know whats on the next page.

Song 1: Candlelight-Zhavia

This girl has such unique and interesting voice. If you do not know of her, she is from The Four. She didn’t win the show but I think she is already on the right path. At 16 years old she is not someone you wanna mess with. I love this song. There is always some light in a dark situation.

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Song 2: Without Me-Halsey

Halsey has definitely made a name for herself in the radio world. Her style is different and the rasp in her voice is beautiful. I could definitely see her singing some rock. This song is really pretty. The power trip someone can hold over you is heartbreaking. She uses some range in the song, just enough to keep you interested. This is total pop beat.

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Song 3: Happier-Marshmello Ft. Bastille

The song is actually very sad but the beats makes it a favorite in a dance club. Bastille sounds great and I think they were a great addition to the song. Marshmello is rising in the charts here of late. He is a DJ to watch out for more in the future.

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Song 4: I’m A Mess-Bebe Rexha

This song just shows you how normal musicians are. I think everyone can relate to this song because we all go through rough patches in our lives. No one is perfect. Bebe has download (7)such a good voice and she has been non stop on the radio this year. The beat is great in this track and so is the message.

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Song 5: Shallow-Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

I don’t know if it’s just me but I want to see this movie so bad. I love Lady Gaga whens he acts. Lets face it. American Horror Story: Hotel was the best season so far. Gaga has an amazing voice and this song really shows off her range. Bradley Cooper really surprised me on this song. I love the lyrics too. Just dive in ya’ll!

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Let me know what ya’ll think. Email me some new songs or suggestions!


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