The Voice Recap. S:15 EP:7

Team Adam:

  1. Jake Wells
  2. Funsho
  3. Tyke James-17
  4. Radna-19
  5. DeAndre Nico-22
  6. Steve Memmolo-35
  7. Anthony Arya-16
  8. Reagan Strange-13download (1)
  9. Natalie Brady
  10. Jarred Mathew-31
  11. Emily Hough-16

Team Kelly:

  1. Abby Cates
  2. Sarah Grace-15
  3. Mikele Buck-39
  4. Clare Dejean-17
  5. Chevel Shepard-16
  6. Delany Silvernell-21
  7. Kymberli Joye-26
  8. One Up-Duo
  9. Erika Zade-20
  10. Josh Davis-20
  11. SandyRedd

Team Jennifer:

  1. Lela
  2. Tyshawn Colguitt-23
  3. Patrique Fortson-38
  4. Kennedy Holmes-13
  5. Fanc West-38
  6. Audri Bartholomew-10
  7. Natasia Greycloud-29
  8. Makenzie Thomas-20
  9. Mike Parker-23
  10. Zaxai-29
  11. Colton Smith-21
  12. Matt Johnson-26

Team Blake:

  1. Caeland Garner    Adam_Levine_The_Voice_VIP_Screening_(cropped).jpg
  2. Mercedes Ferrelra-Dias-17
  3. Kameron Marlowe-31
  4. Keith Paluso-30
  5. Michael Lee-30
  6. Dave Fenley-39
  7. Rachael Messer-19
  8. Chris Groeze-27
  9. Joe Green-35
  10. Kayle Hill-29
  11. Kirk Jay
  12. Katrina Cane

The Battles:

Team Kelly: Special Guest: Thomas Rhett

SandyRedd VS. Cody Ray

Singing: Cry to Me.

SandyRedd sounded great slowed down. She has great runs, high range, and has a beautiful raspy voice. This is one contestant to look out for. She is super unique.

Cody Ray sang this song a lot softer than his audition. He has a pretty voice and great runs but I worry that he sounds too much like other artist out right now. Ex. Chris Stapleton.

They sounded great together and I honestly think they should be a duo.

WINNER: Cody Ray

*SandyRedd did get picked up my J. Hud.Productions!

Team Blake: Special Guest: Keith Urban

Michael Lee Vs. Joey Green

Singing: Thing Called Love.

Joey Green has a very powerful voice but I fear that he was too laid back. I also had a hard time understanding him in the beginning. He does have a beautiful high range.

Michael Lee sounded so different compared to his original audition. He performed with lots of range and you do not expect that voice to come out of him! He hit a longer note in last night performance and it was spectacular!

They did not appeal to my ears together but apart they are both great singers.

WINNER: Michael Lee

*Unfortunately none of the coaches stole Joey Green.

Team Jennifer: Special Guest: Halsey

Colton Smith Vs. Patrique Fortson

Singing: God Gave Me You

Patrique Fortson has a gorgeous voice. His high registrar is amazing! He stared out super light and pretty in the battle. LOTS OF CONTROL!

Colton Smith had great stage presence and some awesome runs. He does need to get over the nerves.

WINNER: Patrique Fortson

*Colton Smith was stolen by Blake.





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