Hottest Make-up Looks In Music

Throughout the years many musicians have rocked some make up looks. These are my top 10 favorite looks.

Number 10: Bebe Rexa. She is a global icon and makes some mighty fashion statements. You might have heard her in Meant to be ft. Florida Georgia Line or her newly released track I’m a Mess. She has been all over pop radio this year!


I personally love this look on her. The soft sparkles on her inner lid make her eyes look bigger. The faded eyeliner is another great tough to making her eyes pop. Her contour is super light and elegant. Her lips are the perfect color of red for her. Its not too dark and not too light. If you ever wanted to create a makeup look inspired by Bebe Rexa, this would be the one.

Product:Lip Stick

Number 9: Nicki Minaj. Nicki Just had an album come out and it has been buzzing. This women is going to be very busy coming up in 2019. You might know some of her older stuff like Superbass or something new like Barbie Dreams. Regardless, she is one of the biggest rappers in the game right now and she has made quite the empire.

images (1)

This happens to me my favorite look Nicki has ever had. She uses super light tones on her eyes. They match her complexion so well. The lined wings are also great. They bring great shape to her eye. The lips make the eyes the statement piece which is great because the eyes needed to be the highlight of  this makeup look.

Music:Barbie Dreams

Number 8: Miranda lambert. This women is a power house performing songs like Gun Powder and Lead and Mama’s Broken Heart. She has made hits and she has also worn them! Though lately might seem like a rough patch for her, there will be brighter days.


This makeup look seems so effortless. Her natural beauty stands out on this look. Her eyes are very nude and sparkly. The definitely bring out the pretty blue eyes she has. Light contouring is perfect for this minimal look. The lips are a very natural pink and that helps keep this look very neutral and natural.

Music:Gunpowder & Lead

Number 7: Lady GaGa. Not only is she one of the biggest singer/songwriters in the business,  she also a very talented actor! A Star is Born Just came out and I can’t wait to give a review on the movie and music in the movie. If you have never seen Gaga act, you might recognize her music. She has hits like Poker face, Just dance, and Million Reasons.


This is my all time favorite look on Lady Gaga. She keeps the eyes very natural. I wish I knew what eye lash extensions she is wearing because they are gorgeous! Her lips really make this look pop. They are the stand out point of this look. One thing I love about Gaga is how she always like to keep you surprised!

Product:False Lashes

Number 6: Maria Brink. This women can rock out on stage. She is one of the best female rock vocals I have ever heard. If you have never heard her stuff you should really check her out. Her band has had chart toppers like Adrenilize & Whore.


I love this look on her because it is not the normal. She is known for her dark “creepy” make up looks. She keeps this look natural but makes a point to through some thick wings in the mix. Almost like she doesn’t want us to forget her true look. The nude lips help keep a balance of the natural look she is going for.


Number 5: Katy Perry. We all know who Katy Perry is. She is one of the craziest, funniest, and most entertaining artist you will ever see. She is known for a lot of radio friendly music like FireworkI Kissed a Girl. Her style influences fashion around the world everyday.


I love the simmer she goes for in her eye look. Its very champagne like. The eyelashes are great, not too dramatic. And her lower lashes being lined really bring out her eye shape and color. Her lips are gorgeous. The brown and red color on her lip is flawless. This makeup look comes together very peacefully together. I think her eyes are the staple of this look.

Makeup:Gold Eyeshadow

Number 4: Camila Cabello. This artist is a new up and comer. Though it seems like she skipped straight to the top. Originally she was in the group Fifth Harmony but decided to do some solo work. You have probably heard her catchy song Havana or maybe Crying in the Club. She has quite the voice, along with great fashion.


This look speaks volumes to me. She stays super nude but the smokey eyeliner really brings out some depth in her eyes. The nude glossy looks great with the matted look of everything else. She has some contouring on her cheeks and that gives her face a great shape. Her cheek bones are flawless.

Makeup:Smudge Brush

Number 3: Carrie Underwood. If you do not know who Carrie Underwood is, you might really be sleeping under a rock. She is not a singer but won the chance to be one on American Idol. She has sung massive hits like Jesus take the Wheel and Toy Guns. She has been a major staple in Country music and I think she will continue to change the industry.


This make up look definitely spells out RED CARPET. Her eyes are flawless. The inner corner is so sparkly and pretty. As the eye moves out they blended perfect matted browns together. Making this smokey eye look very wanted by others. The nude lip lets the eyes take the attention. Light contouring on the cheeks but enough to give her plenty of dimensions

Music:Toy Guns

Number 2: Rhianna. She is one of the biggest pop/R&B artist in this world. She has done a lot throughout her music career. You may have heard her on Umbrella or Love the Way you Lie. Ft. Eminem. She is also a very beautiful girl that rocks the red carpets everytime.


This women looks gorgeous in just about anything she is wears. I personally loved her “Red” era. She took on a super natural eye look and used the red lips to highlight other features, like her hair and nails. I suggest this look to anyone that likes to rock red lips. Less is more. Find one look for your face that you would like to highlight. It brings in a little more Drama.


Number 1: Demi Lovato. She is a sing/songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur.  One of the worlds biggest superstars. She is known for acting roles like Camp Rock and Glee. She is very open with addiction and Mental health issues. She is most known for her music. You might have heard her hit song Sorry not Sorry or an older hit like Give your Heart a Break. She is a fashion icon too.


This is definitely my favorite over all look. Her eyes stay super natural but the lashes give the eyes a pop to them. It still look all natural almost. Her lips are nude and glossy. This brings a slight focus to her lips. Her contour is light and perfect. She makes her jaw and cheeks pop beautifully.

Makeup:Contour Makeup

Thank you guys for reading my blog! Make sure you guys message me with future topics and interesting things to talk about. I love music and everything related to it.

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